Oregon Lane-Share-share!

Here’s something serious! 

Imagine being able to legally, SAFELY and smoothly make your way through the traffic-jam that is forming from San Diego to Seattle!

Not only is the Washington Legislature working on a bill right now–but there are currently two bills working there way through the Oregon Senate Judiciary Committee related to lane filtering for motorcycles and scooters! Please take a moment to to some light slacktavism and let our lawmakers know how you feel on this matter. Take a moment to cut and paste the following letter into emails to the sponsor of SB694, Senator Kruse (Sen.JeffKruse@state.or.usand the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, Senator Prozanski (Sen.FloydProzanski@state.or.us)

Senator <<NAME HERE>>
Oregon House of Representatives
Salem, Or 97310

March <<DATE HERE>>, 2015

Senator <<NAME HERE>>:

As a motorcycle rider and automobile driver in Oregon I support both SB694 and SB420.  Either bill will increase motorcycle safety on our public highways by legalizing a practice known as “lane filtering.” 

There are numerous advantages to lane filtering.  Traffic flows better because there is one less vehicle in the lane.  The practice removes hundreds of vehicle spaces from a crowded highway, easing traffic congestion while at the same time providing a measure of safety for the motorcycle rider.  The practice is legal or permitted in nearly every other country in the world, and reactionary arguments that “it just wouldn’t work here” are not compelling. 

An additional concern for riders on our highways are rear-end collisions; these make up 40% of all crashes in the US.  A recent California Office of Traffic Safety study found that motorcyclists who took advantage of lane filtering were less likely to be involved in a rear end collision.

The California study also found that the majority of riders who filtered their way through traffic did so lawfully and at prudent speeds.  See: http://www.ots.ca.gov/pdf/Publications/2014MCLaneSplittingSurvey.pdf

I hope you find this information useful and again I ask for your support of one of these bills.  I also ask that you respond to this letter with your position on motorcycle lane filtering.


Thanks to Chaplain Mike, BFC (http://pnwriders.com/portland-region/199906-sb694-lane-filtering-email-template-your-legislators.html) for helping get this letter started!


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