HELP NEEDED – Let’s get SB694 through the house!

SB694 passed the Oregon Senate last Thursday, so we are halfway there!  It now must pass the House of Representatives.

We are heading to Salem this week and next week to join forces with other organizers ofSB694 and meet face-to-face with members of the House (contact us if you’d like to come help).  There are many more Representatives to educate about the bill than there were Senators.  BUT we know that when Representatives have already heard support from their constituents for SB694, they are much more likely to support it.  We learned in the Senate that constituent lobbying REALLY has an impact!

So, please, call and email your Representative to express your support for SB694.  To help pave the way for our meetings in Salem, it will be most effective if you do it no later than May 4th!  Here’s how:

1.  Find your Representative here:  (Be sure to click on the “House” tab, not Senate)

2.  Call and email your Representative.  Below is a sample script/email.  (Thanks to Mike F. and Christopher S. for their work on it!)  But, as always, it’s most effective if you put it in your own words.  And even more effective if you also call to express your support.

Representative <<NAME HERE>>

Oregon House of Representatives

Salem, OR 97310

<<DATE HERE>>, 2015

Representative <<NAME HERE>>:

As a motorcycle rider and automobile driver in Oregon I support Senate Bill 694.  As a constituent of your district, I ask that you please vote “aye” on the bill.  Your “aye” vote will help Oregon reduce traffic congestion, increase motorcycle safety, and lower fossil fuel consumption in the state.

The bill would allow motorcycles and scooters to filter between lanes of traffic when traffic is stopped or going 10 mph or less and the motorcycle could only travel at a speed of 20 mph or less (i.e. school zone speed).  The bill only applies to freeways and highways with posted speeds of 50 mph or more.  The bill is timely given both the congestion problems facing our state, and Governor Brown’s transportation initiatives.

SB 694 passed the Oregon Senate on 23 April by a bipartisan 18-10-2 vote.  It also received a 5-0 “do pass” recommendation out of the bipartisan Senate Committee on the Judiciary.  Motorcyclists throughout the state strongly support the bill, as shown by the statements recorded here:

For additional information, please see recent coverage from The Oregonian’s Joseph Rose on the bill (the story includes a poll indicating a solid majority supports the bill):

I hope you find this information useful and again I ask for your support of this bill:  please vote “aye” on SB694.  I also ask that you please respond to this letter with your position on SB694 and motorcycle lane filtering.


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