Goldrush Ride 2015



You don’t want to miss this: the annual SFRC Goldrush Ride

Featuring: the best roads in the state, weird bars, ghost towns, swimming holes, fireworks, dredge crawling, you know the drill.

When: Saturday-Monday, July 11-13.

Where: Meet at the Huckleberry Inn in Gov’t Camp on Saturday morning. Ride departs Government Camp at 10am.

A few more details:

We’re working on lining up a camping spot in Sumpter. We’ll be staying in Sumpter both Saturday and Sunday nights, with a day ride on Sunday. If you don’t want to camp, call *soon* to book a bed at the Stockade (541-894-2360), the Depot Inn (541-894-2522), or any of the area cabins or B&Bs.

The Elkhorn is doing a ribeye dinner on Saturday night, and there will be a pancake breakfast Sunday morning.

“Maps free, camaraderie free, donations welcome, speeding ticket pay as you go.”

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