The start point for today’s Back Forty Enduro is the corner of Rocky Point Road and Highway 30, just NW of Portland.  There’s a small gravelled wide spot in the road right after you leave Highway 30 – look for the SFRC pop-up canopy. 
A reminder:  for Maximum Fun don’t bother with the maps or GPS, just ride out 30 until you hit Rocky Point.
We’ll have coffee and donuts waiting for you!  A reminder that the ride is FREE (though we’ll have a donation can set up if you feel like kicking in a few bucks).  Food starts at 9 a.m., with riders’ meeting and launch at 10 a.m.
NO LONE RIDERS, since there’s no chase truck; either bring some friends or be prepared to make some at the ride start.
If you’re trailering or trucking a bike to the launch, there’s not enough space there for your truck.  However, on the north side of Highway 30, less than a mile east of Rocky Point Road, there’s a truck weigh station with a giant gravel lot on its west end.  We don’t know if you’re OK to park there, but it’s a giant lot and always nearly empty.  It is at the sign for the Rocky Point Marina.  (Pro Tip:  avoid the doubt and just ride your motorcycle to the start point!)

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