The BACK 40 TSD is less than 3 days away!


SFRC will be announcing the location at 5 PM on Friday Nov. 18th by email, website and social media.
The location is approximately 1 HOUR from downtown Portland.
If you are trucking your motorcycle out to the event we encourage you to ride share so as to limit the amount of parking required at the event.
Registration for the event will open on-site at 8:30 AM.
There will be a MANDATORY riders meeting at 9:30 AM sharp. You won’t want to miss this as we will have information to communicate vital to maximizing your fun.
We will be providing morning coffee and light food/beer at awards ceremony. Pack extra nutrition and hydration as you see fit. The event is a loop so you will, hopefully, end up where you started for celebration / awards.
Looking forward to this! Weather looks perfect! It’s FREE!

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