Legislation – we need your help!

It takes FIVE MINUTES to make your voice heard.  Let your legislators know that you:
1.  Support lane-sharing in Oregon
2.  Oppose federal import tariffs on European motorcycles


In 2015 the SFRC and many other motorcyclists actively campaigned for Oregon’s Senate Bill 694, which would have legalized lane-sharing in Oregon.  The bill gained noteworthy traction in the legislature, passing the Senate with a 2/3 bipartisan majority, and passing unanimously (5-0) through the Senate’s Judiciary Committee.  (Read a brief summary of bill here.)
For the 2017 legislative session, State Senator Jeff Kruse has reintroduced the same bill, it is now called Senate Bill 385.


2.  Email them and let them know you support SB 385.  (Better yet, call them and tell them!)

Import tariffs

To help sell U.S. beef in Europe (really … we’re not making this up) the U.S. government is proposing substantial tariffs on European motorcycles.  Besides making the bikes more expensive for you, the tariff is very likely to put your favorite local KTM / Husky / etc. shop out of business.


1.  Complete the simple form at the AMA site
2.  Complete the simple form at the Offices of US Trade website and say that you oppose the tariff

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