Two-Stroke Street Ride

SFRC’s 18th Annual Two-Stroke Street Ride is coming up on Sunday, Sept 10.  Meet at 9am at the Lighthouse Inn in Linnton. Ride leaves at 10am.

This year it’s action-packed with:

  • FREE FLATTRACK time at a private track on the ride route! No, we’re not joking. Get your bike sorted (but don’t stress, there’s no tech inspection) and wear good gear so you can get out there for goofing around and grudge racing!
  • A brand new route this year! Twisty as ever and a bit longer than usual so bring a gap gauge for your points.
  • Lunch provided! We’ll be chowing down trackside at the flattrack.
  • Sacrificial four-stroke engine blow with betting pool and BIG prizes!

Four-stroke bikes allowed! We reserve the right to splash a little bean oil in your tank, but if you’re SFRC-curious and have been wanting to check out one of our rides, don’t let your woeful lack of a two-stroke stop you. C’mon!


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