Peter Kahn, President
After learning to ride on the streets of Brooklyn, Peter set three initial goals: “Ride across the country, race motorcycles, and ride from Athens to London hugging the coast the whole way.” A mere eight months after buying his first bike, Peter left his life in NYC, rode his 650 Hawk to Portland, and started racing OMRRA events. Now he’s buying cabins, perfecting his ethnic camouflage and saving up for a ticket to Athens. Current Bikes: WR250R, weird, but that’s it!


Munns Hole, Secretary


Chad Cook, Treasurer

Chad was raised in western Washington county riding dirt bikes on the farm. In 1980 the cousins received a new YZ 80 and the race was on. Many different dirt bikes, years of friendly competition  and a few trips to the ER ensued. After leaving home and dropping out of college a 91 CBR 500 came around and seemed like a good intro to road bikes but was soon sold to finance a move south. Returning home to Portland after a 15 yr hiatus and befriending a few of the club members, Chad was inspired to get back on the road and purchased a 08 Husqvarna SM 610. Chad likes riding motorcycles. Bikes: 75 Honda ST90, 75 Yamaha XS650, 08 Husqvarna SM610, 14 Honda CRF 250L.


Austin McCabe, Member

austin-bioBorn in a suburb of Portland, I was brought up around motorcycles and attended my first national motocross race at the ripe age of 10 months. Though throughout my childhood I never had a motorcycle of my own. In 2007 I traded my first truck for a ’74 cb360 which kindled the fire. After years of trouble with the bike I found myself at the starting gate aboard a ’72 DT2MX which I had bought five minutes earlier. The gate dropped and the chaos ensued. Most of my choices to ride and own motorcycles have been spur of the moment and usually turn out well, though sometimes I find myself bloodied up in a cloud of dust. Motorcycles: Triumph Street Triple R, 72 DT2MX, 65 Aermacchi 250 Road Racer, 2011 Ninja 250 Road Racer


Zac Christensen, Member
Raised on the dusty floors of the family muffler shop in Bend, Oregon, Zac Christensen meandered around Northern California, New Zealand, Mexico, Guatemala, Alaska, and Utah before settling back in Oregon. Presently, Christensen can be found in his FoHo garage or working for the man. Turn-ons: Honky Tonks, Portland Timbers, and taquitos. Turn-offs: LIDAR radar, crashing, hippies, and tassels hanging off chrome shit. Bikes: 2002 MZ Baghira, 1969 MZ ETS-G5, and a small herd of  Honda SL175s.


Becky Ohlsen, Memberbecky

Becky left the womb backwards and momentum has carried her that way ever since. She bought her first motorcycle, an ’81 Suzuki GS 450, in March 2004 despite not really knowing how to even ride a bicycle all that well. A couple of years later in a whiskey-befuddled state she let herself be persuaded to trade up for a 1988 Honda Hawk, which somehow is still going. Another murky bar promise led her to pick up a 175 sloper and try vintage roadracing. In 2009 Becky rode a Honda SL175 to Knoxville TN on the famous 555 Ride. She’s working on a book about crashing and is a libra-scorpio cusp.


Dan Kerr, Member
Dan grew up in Canby, hot off I-5 in the armpit of the Willamette Valley, where the Gypsy Jokers rode their Harleys, thumping through that small town on lazy summers evenings to the nearest biker bar. After a few years of Portland’s party and the call of the wild, Dan ended up in San Francisco, where he finally got his Harley and promptly turned it into a cafe racer. He bombed up and down I-5 himself, a man and his hog. This is where the road, a man, and his machine, gets the need to drag a knee or two. Later a lorry crashed him on a rice grinder into a leather mess. Dan got back on the hog upon returning to the States, but it wasn’t the same. He’s now rides a KTM-aniac in motoradical fashion, except when he’s pushing the front end of his CB200 into turn 3, or driving a mini-van with stars on the side.


J. Courtney Olive, Member
Fascinated with motorcycles from a young age, but forestalled from owning one until 2003, Courtney is making up for lost time. After all, motorcycling can buy time — time to eliminate distraction, focus on the senses, and enjoy solitude, or, make new friends, discover diversions, and of course take the road less traveled. Whoa there, Mister Sartre. At any rate, the road less traveled was definitely responsible for leading Courtney, born a Hoosier and raised a Tarheel, to Oregon. After living in Eugene and learning the law, Courtney made his way to Portland where he settled down with a supportive spouse and a sweet little son. His stable of bikes reflects a scrounger lifestyle and fondness for time capsules. His first was an ’81 CB750 Super Sport, which he got in trade for a beer.  Self-described “Kevin Cameron of Chemical Cures”.  Current bikes in the quiver include a Street Triple R, GPz550 (first year), ’69 AS2C, ’79 YZ250 racebike, TC90 tiny hooligan, “RDT” 360, and an IT465 “retro motard.” A sucker for a good story, Courtney moonlights as a moto-journalist. Watch out for S.C.M.O.D.S.


Patrick Leyshock, Founding Member
Patrick Leyshock grew up around motorcycles but didn’t begin riding until 1996. He’s had a constant love affair with two-stroke motorcycles, on both the street and track. “You can take your displacement and shove it . . . how much power per liter do you make?” In 2000, Leyshock began a five-year stint with Kenny Dreer’s Norton enterprise, and co-founded the Sang-Froid Riding Club. His pet peeves include: Keys, arguments about oil quality and whether or not you can break a motorcycle in on synthetic, backpacks, people who stand in doorways, mayonnaise, bicyclists who walk around all day with one pantleg rolled up, people who set things on chairs, clove cigarettes. Keeper of the Whiffenpoof.



Travis Gardner, Member
Hailing from SoCal, but having happily transformed into a native Northwesterner long ago, Travis is not afraid to hang a leg out.  Having earned the Pacific Northwest Vintage Motocross championship for 250 machines, he is skilled at finding the elusive traction tolerances of most any surface.  Whether on a motorcycle or not, he specializes in powerbanding.


Germ, Member
Jared grew up exploring the back roads of the greatest region in the world, the Pacific Northwest.  He was born in a suburb of Seattle and moved around until finally finding his place in Portland.  After acquiring a taste for two wheels on a Honda spree, he soon purchased a ’69 cb175.  Jared and the cb had a short relationship until the cb unwillingly parted ways due to a coward thief.  It was all downhill from there.  He continues to ride any bike that meets his criteria… cheap, old, and not so fast.  A common reaction from observers is, “who’s that chick who passed me on that shitty bike?”   Jared will never miss the chance to shoot the shit about anything motorcycles or fishing.


Andrew Pignataro, Member
Born and raised in Rhode Island, Andrew moved to Portland in December 2001 with no prior two-wheeled experience. He purchased his first bike a 1969 Vespa 150. Lusting for more, aided by his friend Tom and various SFRC members, Andrew “graduated” to the world of motorcycling. Three years later, an obsession with 2-strokes, one race season on a CB160, and a lot of seat time, Andrew continues to hone his skills. Current machines include a Triumph 675, EX250 racer, and a plated KDX 200 yo.


Chopper, Member
Chopper grew up riding and racing motorcycles in Northern California and brought his love to the PNW. Stable: KTM 625SMC, Suzuki RMX250, Yamaha RD350, Honda MR 250, Yamaha YZ125, Yamaha RZ350, Honda XR50, Yamaha PW50, Honday XR100.


Jim_small_skaterJim Overstreet, Member
Jim spent his childhood in Los Altos, California, and credits/blames a ride on a friend’s cafe’d KH400 Kawasaki triple with igniting the two-stroke lust in his impressionable young mind. At the age of 17 he bought his first motorcycle, a 1977 Kawasaki KE175. After a spending a few collegiate years in Santa Cruz, CA Jim found is way to San Francisco, and in possession of a much coveted garage space. A 1975 Yamaha RD350 was acquired, soon followed by a pair of exotic Yamaha two-stroke twins, and a brief fling with a Kawasaki H2. San Francisco proved to be a fun place to live, but a hard place to “grow up”, so in 2001 Jim made his way north to Portland, Oregon where he has developed a healthy addiction to mud and dirtbikes, and hopes to one day own a motorcycle larger than 250cc …… maybe even a four-stroke.


Zachary Hull, Founding Member

It started with the Adventure People.  Toy motorcycles leaping piled up dirt “hills,” crashing through side yard “jungles.”  It took getting out of the house and the allure of a 1982 Yamaha Seca 750 (yes, the shaft drive) to bring the dream to life.  But it wasn’t until Zach high-sided Patrick’s 1976 Water Buffalo that the hook was finally set.  Maybe sense really does get knocked in?  From there it’s been a resume of standards: 1978 GS 750; 2002 ZRX 1200; 1969 YR1; 1973 CL 250.  Ten years of SFRC later the wheels are still spinning and the best is yet to come.




Jacob Redmond, Member

jacob-bioJacob grew up in inner city St. Louis, raced bicycles as a kid but was forbidden to ride a motorcycle. He found his first bike off at college while buying a washer and dryer from some tweekers in the swamps of GA. “It you can take it, have it.” A ’68 Lambretta 300. It was soon disassembled on his living room floor, and there the fever started. Shortly after venturing out into the world, he found himself in the Great Northwest in 2000. Recently his passion for riding has taken him back to the dirt. Bikes: Husky TE250, KTM690 SMC, KDX220R





Nate Alvord, Member
Born and raised in the mountains of Montana, Nate grew up ski racing and borrowing dirt bikes when he could sneak out without his mother knowing. Early on a fascination with speed and motorcycles was established. But it wasn’t until an early life crisis occurred after moving to Portland from Vail, Colorado in the late ’90s that Nate found himself without steep slopes and snow at his disposal, thus a vacancy of adrenaline was created. Enter motorcycles!! With the support and constant badgering of club member Jeff Foster, Nate bought his first bike a 1998 VFR.  Since then it has been two-wheel mayhem, including getting the whole family riding dirtbikes, and a recent fascination with motards…

Tim Webb, Member
Growing up in Santa Rosa CA Tim had a normal childhood filled with fishing, playing in orchards and taxidermy. While in college, training to be a painter, he was introduced to motorcycles. In 1991 he took the plunge into two wheeled mayhem. Tim’s motorcycle training consisted of SF streets, battling traffic, epic lane splitting,being hit by cars, crashing, blowing up motors and repeatedly going on the 2am rides (because there is no traffic then). In 1998 Tim and then fiancee (now wife) sold a few bikes, packed up and left SF. “It was like a jail break”. Portland has been home ever since for Tim, his wife, and daughter. There is nothing like riding a motorcycle, big or small, especially around the Pacific Northwest.
17 bikes later, I’m like you but I am me.