Back 40 Enduro


The Back 40 Enduro is back for the fifth year! If you’ve done this ride before, you know it’s awesome. If not, time to find out!

What is it: An adventure full of surprises and challenges, over the river and through the woods, with clowns. (Maybe.) Options for both dual-sport and enduro bikes. No plate needed; knobbies strongly recommended. OHV sticker and card encouraged.

When: Saturday, November 18, meeting around 9am

Where: Location to be announced (but give yourself ~1-1/2 hours to get there from Portland!). If you’re not on our mailing list yet, sign up, and/or follow us on instagram @sfrcpdx for updates.



Two-Stroke Street Ride

SFRC’s 18th Annual Two-Stroke Street Ride is coming up on Sunday, Sept 10.  Meet at 9am at the Lighthouse Inn in Linnton. Ride leaves at 10am.

This year it’s action-packed with:

  • FREE FLATTRACK time at a private track on the ride route! No, we’re not joking. Get your bike sorted (but don’t stress, there’s no tech inspection) and wear good gear so you can get out there for goofing around and grudge racing!
  • A brand new route this year! Twisty as ever and a bit longer than usual so bring a gap gauge for your points.
  • Lunch provided! We’ll be chowing down trackside at the flattrack.
  • Sacrificial four-stroke engine blow with betting pool and BIG prizes!

Four-stroke bikes allowed! We reserve the right to splash a little bean oil in your tank, but if you’re SFRC-curious and have been wanting to check out one of our rides, don’t let your woeful lack of a two-stroke stop you. C’mon!


Goldrush 2017, yo!

It’s SFRC Gold Rush time again. This year marks our 16th club ride to Sumpter, Oregon, home of such legendary sites as “the Dredge,” “the Elkhorn,” and “Zac’s Cabin.” If you don’t know what these things are, now is your chance to expand your horizons.

This year we’re doing some familiar things and some new things. Here’s the basics:

– Ride departs on Saturday, July 29, from the Old Mill Saloon in Estacada. Meet at 7am for breakfast. Ride departs at 9am. Old Mill Saloon is located at 150 SW Frontage Road in Estacada.

– This year we are charging $20 for the ride. This pays for the epic homemade BBQ dinner at the culmination of the Irish Phil Day Ride on Sunday. As many of you know, “Irish” Phil Murray sadly passed away recently. Phil was a loved member of our community, and we’re planning a Sunday day ride in his honor, featuring an Irish-themed BBQ and drink-up provided by national BBQ competitor and club friend Gerard Schneider. If you haven’t raised a glass to Irish Phil Murray yet, this is your chance.

– We’ll have a late-day emergency chase truck that will pick up the ride route in Maupin. Try not to break down before Maupin.

Camping is free next door to the Elkhorn. Rooms may still be available in the local B&Bs.

– More details on ride day.

We’re looking forward to seeing old and new faces this year, enjoying some great riding, drinking some beers together, toasting Phil, and thanking the stars we live in such a beautiful place and that we ride motorcycles.

See you all soon.

2017 Bol d’Oregon

SFRC proudly presents the 3rd annual 2017 Bol d’Oregon: 6 Hour Endurance Race.  The grid is full but come down and check it out!

  • Date: June 18th, 2017
  • Location: Mac Track – 2770 NE Lafayette Ave, McMinnville, OR 97128
  • Two categories:
    • Vintage: 500 cc or less, 1982 or earlier, 2 or 4 stroke.
    • Modern: 250 cc or less, any year, 2 or 4 stroke.
  • Race: 6-hour endurance race; three hours in each direction; Le Mans start
  • Schedule:

8 – 9 a.m. – registration and tech inspection

9 – 9:15 a.m. – mandatory rider’s meeting

9:25 – 10 a.m. – practice (one direction only) and tech inspection

10:30 – race begins; Le Mans start

1:30 – direction change (no break; only a direction change – see details below)

4:30 – race ends

5:15 – awards



2017 Spring Opener with info

When: Saturday May 6th
Start at the Lighthouse Bar and Restaurant (10808 NW St Helens Rd, Portland OR 97231)
Meet at 10:00am (Earlier for grab ass, breakfast and tall tales.)
Ride leaves at 11am
Lunch at the Olney Saloon (89523 HWY 202, Astoria OR 97103)
Bring a stupid hat for supposed “most exciting two minutes in sports” @ 3:34pm.

Come out for a ride!
See some trees.
Feel your face in the wind.
Meet someone new.
Get out of the hum drum of “making the donuts” and really make some donuts!
Hope to see you all there!”

2017 Bol d’Oregon – the fire burns strong!

SFRC proudly presents the 3rd annual 2017 Bol d’Oregon: 6 Hour Endurance Race.

Registration is now open.  Race date is Sunday, June 18th, 2017 at the Mac Track.

If you would like to enter a team please email the following information to

  • Name, email, and phone number for the team captain who will be the primary contact for team.
  • Names of the other team members.

More information regarding rules, schedule and payment will be coming shortly, but the overall event will be very similar to years past.  What we know for sure:

  • Date: June 18th, 2017
  • Location: Mac Track – 2770 NE Lafayette Ave, McMinnville, OR 97128
  • Two categories:
    • Vintage: 500 cc or less, 1982 or earlier, 2 or 4 stroke.
    • Modern: 250 cc or less, any year, 2 or 4 stroke.
  • Cost: $300 per team.  ($100 deposit, $200 day of – payment info to come soon)
  • Team: limited to (3) members.  
  • Race: 6-hour endurance race w/ special test event TBD.

Legislation – we need your help!

It takes FIVE MINUTES to make your voice heard.  Let your legislators know that you:
1.  Support lane-sharing in Oregon
2.  Oppose federal import tariffs on European motorcycles


In 2015 the SFRC and many other motorcyclists actively campaigned for Oregon’s Senate Bill 694, which would have legalized lane-sharing in Oregon.  The bill gained noteworthy traction in the legislature, passing the Senate with a 2/3 bipartisan majority, and passing unanimously (5-0) through the Senate’s Judiciary Committee.  (Read a brief summary of bill here.)
For the 2017 legislative session, State Senator Jeff Kruse has reintroduced the same bill, it is now called Senate Bill 385.


2.  Email them and let them know you support SB 385.  (Better yet, call them and tell them!)

Import tariffs

To help sell U.S. beef in Europe (really … we’re not making this up) the U.S. government is proposing substantial tariffs on European motorcycles.  Besides making the bikes more expensive for you, the tariff is very likely to put your favorite local KTM / Husky / etc. shop out of business.


1.  Complete the simple form at the AMA site
2.  Complete the simple form at the Offices of US Trade website and say that you oppose the tariff


We’ll be publishing our 2017 calendar within a few weeks, and will drop you a line when it’s out.  We are looking forward to riding and racing with you this year.  Stay tuned!


The BACK 40 TSD will be at Jordan Creek OHV.
Registration opens at 8:30 AM
Mandatory riders meeting 9:30 AM
Event starts 10:00 AM
Awards 3:30 PM

Directions: HWY 6 towards coast. At milepost 18 turn left at big brown sign for Jordan Creek OHV area. Approx 1.5 miles, just after first bridge, you will see the SFRC pop-up tent. You made it!

If you are trucking your bike out, ride sharing encouraged to limit required parking at the staging area.

We will be providing morning coffee and light food/beer at awards ceremony. Pack extra nutrition and hydration as you see fit. The event is a loop so you will, hopefully, end up where you started for celebration / awards.

At registration you will pick your category and your time bracket.
2 Categories: Dirtbike (MOTO) and Dualsport (DS) – Knobbies encouraged – Don’t overthink it – we are out there to have fun, ride whatever you want in whatever you want that will be the most fun for you.
3 Time Brackets: Fast, Medium, Slow – Again, don’t overthink it – if you are usually first while riding with your buddies, pick Fast. If normally you cruise around at the back, pick Slow. Really, it’s that simple, don’t overthink it.
If still unsure at registration just pick one that might be right. At the riders meeting everything will become clear and you will have an opportunity to change category and time bracket before the event start – so, you know, don’t overthink it.

Here is link to a PDF map of the OHV area:

See you in the morning!

The BACK 40 TSD is less than 3 days away!


SFRC will be announcing the location at 5 PM on Friday Nov. 18th by email, website and social media.
The location is approximately 1 HOUR from downtown Portland.
If you are trucking your motorcycle out to the event we encourage you to ride share so as to limit the amount of parking required at the event.
Registration for the event will open on-site at 8:30 AM.
There will be a MANDATORY riders meeting at 9:30 AM sharp. You won’t want to miss this as we will have information to communicate vital to maximizing your fun.
We will be providing morning coffee and light food/beer at awards ceremony. Pack extra nutrition and hydration as you see fit. The event is a loop so you will, hopefully, end up where you started for celebration / awards.
Looking forward to this! Weather looks perfect! It’s FREE!


SFRC is happy to announce that CYCLE GEAR, WOODSTOCK ACE HARDWARE and the owners of SERRATTO, CLYDE’S PRIME RIB, and THE LIGHTHOUSE INN have all stepped up as event partners for the Back 40 TSD. Each event partner has donated awesome prizes to give away to the top finishers in each of the categories. November 19th just got even better! Now you have a chance to take home some really cool stuff for doing nothing but riding the Back 40 TSD.

Note, as always, the Back 40 TSD is FREE to participate. We will announce the location through our mailing list, social media and on this website prior to the event.

win prizes red round grunge stamp on white

Back 40 TSD


SFRC Back 40 TSD

When: Nov. 19th, 2016
What: 3-stage off-road TSD w/ (4) “extra-special” tests.
How: 2 Categories – Dual Sport (DS) or Dirt Bike (DB) Knobbies encouraged.
Where: Within 90 minutes of Portland, OR.   Exact location TBD – Will be announced via SFRC mailing list, website and social media prior to the event.

The reason

The reason you’re not successful in life is because you ride four-strokes.

The reason girls don’t like you is because you ride four-strokes.

The reason guys don’t like you is because you ride four-strokes.

The reason you’re a bad dancer is because you ride four-strokes.

The reason you care that you’re a bad dancer is because you ride four-strokes.

The reason your career is a failure is because you ride four-strokes.

The reason your dog wishes you’d die is because you ride four-strokes.

The reason your parents tell their friends that “you’re still figuring out who you are” is because you ride four-strokes.

The reason your friends laugh at you behind your back is because you ride four-strokes.

It’s that time again.  Sunday, 18 September.  Gas up the stinkwheel, and join Sang-Froid Riding Club for our 16th Annual Two Stroke Ride.

We’ll be meeting up in St. Johns at the appropriately named 2-Stroke Coffee shop around 10am and heading across the Bridge and up into the hills around noon.

Lunch and liquid refreshments will be at Helvetia Tavern (10275 NW Helvetia Rd Hillsboro, OR 97124) around 1pm.
On the way back to town, we’ll be stopping in at Skyline Tavern ( 8031 NW Skyline Blvd Portland, OR 97229) to fire up the grill and throw some ‘shoes.

Redeem yourself.


Bol d’Oregon Recap

The Sang-Froid Riding Club thanks to everyone for attending — and racing in — last week’s Bol d’Oregon.  Hope you had fun!
We had a blast organizing the race.  Saw and heard lots of great bits.
In the Modern class, less than fifteen laps separated the top three finishers, after six full hours of racing.  Reverse Oreo Racing and Hot & Hazardous fought an exceptional, prolonged battle.  In over five hours of racing, the two teams were never more than a couple laps apart … sometimes Reverse Oreo in the lead, sometimes Hot & Hazardous.  A crash by Reverse Oreo in the race’s sixth hour helped their opponents ease ahead.  Hot & Hazardous continued to lay down consistent laps, giving them a three-lap lead over Reverse Oreo Racing by race’s end.  Team Dirt Trackers finished third on their 300 Ninja.  The Dirt Tracking team (or are they really road racers trapped in a dirt tracker bodies?!?) traveled down from Washington to compete, and included a father and son (Happy Father’s Day!) and AMA racer Kurt Hawk.
In the remainder of the Modern field, myriad battles ensued.  Team Half Fast relentlessly challenged the Dirt Trackers, finishing only two laps behind when the race clock hit 6 hours.  Team Incomplete, Tres Hombres, Team Vicious, and the “Spencer, Matt, and Mike Experience” rounded out the Modern field, with Team Incomplete refilling their leaking rear tire every three laps.  At race’s end, the pile of broken 250 Ninja windscreens seemed as high as a mountain.  Is that part of the “streetfighter” look we keep hearing about?
The Vintage racing was just as competitive, with a heavy dose of mechanical resourcefulness thrown in to keep things interesting.  TSX-R placed first on their unusually-named machine (Yamaha DT360), overcoming a flat-tire-induced 12-lap deficit to finish with 362 laps under their belt.  Hot on their heels was Flying Fifteen racing, mounted on their 1980 Honda CR250R.  A chunk of the bike’s expansion chamber (the size of an iPhone) blew out mid-race, pegging the decibel meter.  After a Mountain Dew-can-based repair failed, the Coconut Water-can-based repair held fast, eventually putting the team in second place, four laps down from the leaders.
Cretins Racing’s MX250 Yamaha ran solid all day, leading the Vintage class for hours in the middle of the race.  Racer Scott Odegaard described the machine as getting “looser and sketchier” as the day went on.  A handful of broken spokes nearly turned the rear wheel into a taco during the final hour, but their consistency throughout the race logged them enough laps to finish in third.  Meanwhile, Meticon “opted” to switch to a different piston mid-race (after a hole was discovered in their first piston), with Team Sharky and Team Pizza succumbing to unresolvable mechanical failures.
THANKS AGAIN to all the teams and spectators.  Tell your friends about the race, and let’s do it again next year!

2016 Bol d’Oregon Endurance Race

Please join us on Sunday, 19 June, for the 2016 Bol d’Oregon Six-Hour Endurance Race.

Race is held at the Kart Track in McMinnville.  Race begins with a LeMans start at 10:30 a.m.  (The grid is full, but come on down and watch some great racing!)

Vintage and Modern classes; 1-3 people per team; team with the most laps complete on their bike after six hours wins the race.

$10 gate fee.  Come on down and check it out!


Thanks to Oregon Superbikers and the Portland Karting Association for helping make the race happen!

Race-day schedule:

8 – 9 a.m. – registration and tech inspection
9 – 9:15 a.m. – mandatory rider’s meeting
9:25 – 10 a.m. – practice (one direction only) and tech inspection
10:30 – race begins; Le Mans start
1:30 – direction change (no break; only a direction change – see details below)
4:30 – race ends
5:15 – awards


Season Opener Ride! Saturday, 21 May

When:  Saturday May 21, 2016

Start: Carver Oregon at the Carver Hangar for breakfast

Meet at 10am & Leave at 11 am

Lunch at the Korner Post Steel Wheels Lounge, in Detroit

End: Portland Oregon at Club 21

Ride is FREE.  See you all there!!!!!




First Aid for Motorcycling

There are spots still available in the upcoming classes on Motorcycling First Aid.  In this 90 minute course – brought to you by the Sang-Froid Riding Club and Motofit Group –  you’ll learn basic first-aid skills, tailored especially to motorcycle riders (and it’s taught by a motorcyclist, naturally!).  Plenty of time for Q&A, too.

Two classes are scheduled in Portland:
- Friday, 26 February, 7 p.m. (doors at 6:30 p.m.), Cheshire Motorsports, 4815 SE Division St.  CLASS IS FULL
- Saturday, 27 February, 9 a.m. (doors at 8:45 a.m.), Portland Fire Station #12, 8645 NE Sandy Blvd. CLASS IS FULL

Class size is limited to 30 people; please email us at if you’re interested in attending.

The class is FREE (though donations are appreciated, and go to the instructor!)