The Sang-Froid Riding Club is engaged with motorcycle-related legislation in the state of Oregon.  In 2015 and 2017 the Club played an active role advocating for the passage of Senate Bill 694 and Senate Bill 385, respectively; the bills would have legalized lane-sharing in Oregon.

SB694 bill gained noteworthy traction in the legislature, passing the Senate with a 2/3 bipartisan majority, and passing unanimously (5-0) through the Senate’s Judiciary Committee.

These successes were largely founded on grass-roots support from the Oregon riding community, but the bill also received national attention:  prominent riders throughout the U.S. filed testimony in support, and the American Motorcycle Association took the unprecedented step of flying out Wayne Allard — its Vice President of Government Affairs and former U.S. Senator — from Washington D.C. to support the bill.

Entrenched opposition from government agencies such as Oregon’s Department of Transportation and the Portland Police ultimately led to the bill’s demise.

Please use this page as a resource for lane-filtering / lane-sharing efforts in your state.

Review the letter from Dr. Tom Rice to the California Assembly.  Dr. Rice’s report — funded by the State of California — demonstrates that under some circumstances, it’s safer to be lane-sharing than not.  Remarking on the report, California Office of Traffic Safety spokesman Chris Cochran stated:  “What we learned is, if you lane-split in a safe or prudent manner, it is no more dangerous than motorcycling in any other circumstance.

We encourage you to examine the written testimony, and review the video of the public testimony both to the Senate Judiciary Committee (beginning 30:35) and the House Transportation and Economic Development Committee (beginning 9:50), for SB694.

BikePac’s website includes great tips for working with your legislator.

Literature review on lane-sharing, performed by ODOT on behalf of the Governor’s Advisory Committee on Motorcycle Safety.

Let us know how we can help legislative efforts in your town, city, or state.  Drop a line to sangfroidridingclub@gmail.com