Six Hours of McMinnville Endurance Race

RACE DATE:  Sunday, 14 June
6-hour endurance race.  3 hours each direction.  No break between direction changes; once all the riders are in the hot pits we will ‘restart’ in the other direction.Teams will be placed according to the number of laps completed.  First place goes to the team that completes the most laps, etc.Track is the McMinnville Karting track; 14 corners, 6/10 of a mile:

Tentative day schedule
Registration and tech inspection:  8 a.m. – 9 a.m.
Mandatory rider’s meeting:  9 a.m. – 9:15 a.m.
Practice and tech inspection:  9:20 – 10 a.m.
Race:  10:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Awards:  5:15 p.m.

Minimum team size:  1 person.  Maximum team size:  3 people.

There will be six teams per class.  Both classes will race at the same time (12 bikes on-track at the same time) but each class will be scored separately.


The cost is $175 per team, plus a $100 down payment to reserve your grid position.  Total cost per team:  $275.

Teams may camp at the track the night before, at a cost of $25 per pit.  (Pro tip:  get to know your neighbors and create a ‘mega-pit’)

No gate fee for racers.  Gate fee for non-racers is $10.


Modern Smallbore:  Maximum displacement of 250cc, two-stroke or four-stroke, any year.

Vintage:  Maximum displacement of 500cc, two-stroke or four-stroke, up to and including 1980 models.


There will be trained medical personnel on-site during the race.  There will not be an ambulance on-site unless one is called by the medical team.  Corner-workers will be on-site.

Scoring (i.e. counting laps) will likely occur with transponders.  We’re working on this detail; most likely you’ll be issued a transponder for use, free of charge.  Details to follow.

The snack shack will be operational during the race.  There may be other on-site food options – details TBD.

SFRC will provide a MIG welder, air compressor, and other specialty tools for general use.  Don’t assume we’ll have what you need, though!  Please bring your own tools and spares.


Bikes must be show workmanlike construction.  Tech requirements for specific bike types to follow, but are in general more slightly less stringent than most road-racing tech requirements.  Bellypans are NOT required.

Gear requirements to follow, but full-face helmets, over-the-ankle boots, gauntlet gloves, and full leathers or textile gear required.  Leathers or textiles may be two-piece.  Back protectors are strongly recommended.

Bikes must be capable of setting lap times consistent with competitors’ machines – please contact us if you have questions about your bike’s eligibility.  (Rule of thumb:  no mopeds, step-throughs, etc.)

Teams must have fire extinguisher present in pit.

A race license is not required.

Crashed machines must undergo a technical inspection before reentering the race.

Additional rule details will be forwarded to participating teams.


Available spots will be given to teams on a first-come, first-serve basis.  A $100 down payment is required to secure your team’s position on the grid, with the balance due on race day.  To check availability or start the reservation process please contact Patrick Leyshock at:


Oregon Lane-Share-share!

Here’s something serious! 

Imagine being able to legally, SAFELY and smoothly make your way through the traffic-jam that is forming from San Diego to Seattle!

Not only is the Washington Legislature working on a bill right now–but there are currently two bills working there way through the Oregon Senate Judiciary Committee related to lane filtering for motorcycles and scooters! Please take a moment to to some light slacktavism and let our lawmakers know how you feel on this matter. Take a moment to cut and paste the following letter into emails to the sponsor of SB694, Senator Kruse (Sen.JeffKruse@state.or.usand the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, Senator Prozanski (

Senator <<NAME HERE>>
Oregon House of Representatives
Salem, Or 97310

March <<DATE HERE>>, 2015

Senator <<NAME HERE>>:

As a motorcycle rider and automobile driver in Oregon I support both SB694 and SB420.  Either bill will increase motorcycle safety on our public highways by legalizing a practice known as “lane filtering.” 

There are numerous advantages to lane filtering.  Traffic flows better because there is one less vehicle in the lane.  The practice removes hundreds of vehicle spaces from a crowded highway, easing traffic congestion while at the same time providing a measure of safety for the motorcycle rider.  The practice is legal or permitted in nearly every other country in the world, and reactionary arguments that “it just wouldn’t work here” are not compelling. 

An additional concern for riders on our highways are rear-end collisions; these make up 40% of all crashes in the US.  A recent California Office of Traffic Safety study found that motorcyclists who took advantage of lane filtering were less likely to be involved in a rear end collision.

The California study also found that the majority of riders who filtered their way through traffic did so lawfully and at prudent speeds.  See:

I hope you find this information useful and again I ask for your support of one of these bills.  I also ask that you respond to this letter with your position on motorcycle lane filtering.


Thanks to Chaplain Mike, BFC ( for helping get this letter started!


Alley Sweeper Update


LOVE-BREAKUpDear The Alley Sweeper,

I’m writing you because our relationship is done. You’ve changed so much since we met. I hope we can still be friends. I may love you, but I’m definitely not in love with you. You’re gonna have to learn to accept that. I’m not sure whether we can see each other in the future but, for now at least, I definitely need a break. It’s not me, it’s you. We need to start seeing other people.  The SFRC will NOT be hosting you this year, Alley Sweeper.   I am not running away from you, I am running towards myself.  That being said, I want all of our friends to know that the alleys are public right of ways handed down from our forefathers.  Forefathers that granted us all the right of access and freedom to their special gift.  Even though we are no longer a thing, the alleys are still open to all and should be enjoyed 24/7/365.  Open to our friends who treat them responsibly by nurturing the kale, chard, blackberry brambles, raccoons, rats and feral cats that dwell there; and always respect the shopping carts, compost piles, yard debris, abandoned firearm casings, used syringes and all the other colorful detritus that reside there and makes Portland so Portland.

Above all else, please, remember to keep all of OUR alleys well and truly swept, often and with love.  

The Alley Sweeper is dead; long live the Alley Sweeper.

- Sang-Froid Riding Club

Crash Podium


The SFRC headed up to Woodland last weekend to race some vintage motocross.  Travis thumped the 500 and Austin flew the 250 … good stuff!!!

Meanwhile, club member Jon Munns boards a plane soon to represent the U.S. motorcycle race team  at Australia’s Phillip Island Classic.

Vintage racing is a ton of fun.  Come race with us!  Drop a line to find out how.

thumpin_travis flyin_austin

Back 40 Enduro is a GO! – Saturday November 22

Back40 5

There has been some unexpected weather but let’s get outside!
It’s again time to head out and explore some of Oregon’s dual-sport terrain.  Join the Sang-Froid Riding Club on Saturday, 22 November for the 2014 “Back Forty Enduro”!

The start point this year is a wide spot on Highway 224 about five miles south of Estacada.  The wide spot is on the left side of the road, just before the Promontory Park Marina (which will be on your right).  Look for our EZ-Ups.  We’ll have hot coffee waiting for you, and your team will be issued a piece of survival equipment.

The destination point will be announced that morning.

The rules are the same as last year:  your team must make its way from Point A to Point B without the use of maps or GPS.  No roll charts, no trail marking, no sweep truck – just your team and collective wits.  The team that turns the fewest miles on pavement wins.  Bring some teammates or be prepared to make new friends.

Gather ~8 a.m., pre-ride meeting at 8:45, start at 9, last team must arrive by 2 p.m.

This is a point-to-point ride.  At the destination you’ll be ~10 miles from gasoline, ~60 (paved) miles from Portland.  While it’s possible to do an out-and-back loop to the starting point, you may run out of daylight.

Details:  gas up in Estacada.  Bring water, food, compass.  Tow straps/rope not a bad idea.


Get Ready – Back 40 Enduro II

Coming up next, Back 40 Enduro 2 – November 22!

We’ve been out scouting routes, buying safe passage from tribal leaders and measuring glacier stability.

Back40 1 Back40 2Back40 3

Stay tuned for details and optimal tire choice!

Two-Stroke Ride!

2strokeride2014Join SFRC for our 15th Annual Two Stroke Ride

Sunday, September 21st

Meet at Kenton Station (8303 N Denver) at 9:30am for breakfast and benchracing, then we’ll head out around 11am for 50 miles of some of the best close-in twisty roads the area has to offer.

Around 1pm, the ride will arrive at 611 N Tillamook for a good ol’ fashioned STREET PARTY.

There’ll be burnouts, beer, and LIVE rockandroll music! Plus gymkana!

Drag the dusty ol’ smokers out of the shed and join us for some blue smokey fun!

Swap Meet

Our friend Kenny is hosting a motorcycle swap meet at his shop this Saturday, the 6th of September.

Check it out!  Sell something, buy something.  9 a.m. – 5 p.m., 9400 NE Halsey in Portland.



SFRC racer Jon Munns completed the Isle of Man Classic TT race, placing 7th overall in the 250cc class.  Way to go Jon!  Propers to Jared, Tim, and Courtney for their support and pit crewing over there.


From Australia to the Isle of Man, Jon’s got this!

Qualified! Bona Fide!

From Hole and the away team on The Isle of Man:

4 practice laps in the books. Plus About a dozen street laps. I’ve hit my qualifying time at 28:37 minutes or 79mph. But I still have allot of work to do.


image (4)

Hole pays homage to yer Maun.

image (5)

IOM Winner Dave Roper is showing the boys the fast way around and where the best livestock are!

image (6)

Manx Practice Week!

Munns Hole has made it to The Island, his bikes arrived safely and now so has his crew!


Tim, Courtney and Germ are chagrined as Hole adjusts his Giant Cojones prior to heading out on “the roads”.

First reports are positive!

I put in four laps today on the “street” bike. Pulled the exhaust baffles and went for it. Passed several cops and they didn’t seem to give a shit. Lots of thumbs up as I boomed through the villages In Sunday traffic. With the weather going from sunny to rain back to sunny to gnarly wind gusts. I was lifted off my line on windy corner.
About half the course is speed limited to 30-50kph and the other half is no speed limit. Sort of insane that you can still do things like this.

Go! Go! Go!


IOM on a late summer’s evening; it’s the pits!

Vintage Weekend with OMRRA – 16-17 August!

Head up to Portland International Raceway for VINTAGE WEEKEND with the Oregon Motorcycle Road Racing Association:  August 16th and 17th.  SAVE THE DATE and pass the word.

Saturday the 16th includes parade laps, judged vintage bike show, field games, and plenty of vintage (and modern) motorcycle road racing.  Thanks to the Flying Fifteen Motorcycle Club, Oregon Vintage Motorcyclists, and Nourishment for their participation.

$10 gets you in the gate, and there’s free camping Saturday night!  Bring a tent, bring your friends and family, and bring a minibike (or two).


Tentative schedule:

Who:  You and your friends
Where:  Portland International Raceway
What:  See below
When:  16-17 August (Saturday – Sunday) – All day, both days
Why:  Because you love motorcycles and local motorcycle racers
How:  Ride your motorcycle, stupid!
How much:  $10 at the gate ($2 discount cards available at most local motorcycle shops)

*** MOTORCYCLE RACING, from the Oregon Motorcycle Road Racing Association, BOTH DAYS ***
Vintage and modern road racing.  Be sure to climb over the pedestrian bridge (or cross the track on your bike) to check out the chicane grandstands.
Complete schedule available at  CAMP at the track for free on Saturday night:  bring your friends and family!  This is YOUR city park, so use it!

*** MOTORCYCLE FIELD GAMES, from Flying Fifteen Motorcycle Club, Saturday, 16 August ***
Multiple motorcycle games designed so that bike displacement, bike style, rider age, or rider skill doesn’t matter.  It’s just fun to watch, and even more fun to participate in.  We’re just trying to have some laughs. 2-4 p.m..  Field games will be held on the outside of track, across from OVM bike show.  Questions?  Contact:

*** VINTAGE BIKE SHOW, from OVM, Saturday, 16 August ***
This bike show is a “people’s choice” show with awards given solely on the basis of ballots submitted by attendees. There will be five trophies: Best American, Best British, Best Asian, Best European and Best in Show. This is a “vintage” bike show. Any bike 20 years old or older is considered to be vintage. The show will be run by Oregon Vintage Motorcyclists, and registration is on the day of the event, between 10:00am and 11:00 am.  Please call or email Sam Justice 503.307.9085, if you have questions.  Show will be held on the outside of the track, near base of pedestrian bridge.


Movie Night!

Join us for a documentary about motorcycle pioneer John Penton. This will probably sell out, so buy tix in advance!
“Obviously he had a bad connection from his brain to pain” – Dick Mann
PENTON: The John Penton Story 

7:30pm Friday, August 22

Clinton Street Theater,

2522 SE Clinton St., Portland
Get more details and watch the trailer here.


The annual Goldrush Ride is coming up!

What: ride the best roads in Oregon to Sumpter (night 1) and Heppner (night 2).
When: Saturday-Monday, July 19-21
Meet at 8am at the ZigZag Inn (in Welches on Hwy 26) for breakfast and maps.
Ride leaves at 9am.

Where to Stay: We’ll have camping areas available in Sumpter and Heppner. It’s up to you to claim and pay for your camp spot ($10/person each night). More details on this at the ride launch.

For hotel rooms in Sumpter, call the Depot Inn: (541) 894-2522
For hotel rooms Sunday night in Heppner, call the Northwestern: (541) 676-9167

Breakfast will be available for cheap from the Sumpter Breakfast Club on Sunday morning.

* Remember to bring plenty of cash! Several of the businesses along the route (gas stations, etc.) don’t take cards.


New Racer Workshop! Thursday, 26 June

We’ll be hosting a New Racer Workshop on THURSDAY, 26 June, at MotoFactory.  FREE!

If you race, want to race, or are just curious about what-all is involved in racing, swing on by and hang out with a bunch of likeminded folks. We’ll have answers to your questions, plus hot and cold refreshments.

 Address: 3108 SE 50th Ave, Portland, OR 97206
Doors open at 6:15 PM for meet ‘n’ greet.
Workshop starts at 6:45 PM.

Still Racey After All These Years

Big weekend for the Club at PIR! OMRRA’s June round was a blast with some great battles, lots of podiums and Austin’s first First!

image (1)

Saturday Trophage


Sunday's haul

Sunday’s haul

Bring on Vintage Weekend, July 26-27!

Mega-ish-TSD – Saturday!

2014 Time Speed Distance Rally
June 14th, 2014
This year’s edition of the Time Speed Distance Rally (TSD) which will take place on the beautiful backroads of Multnomah and Washington counties.
Riders will encounter varied surfaces, terrains, and  a few peacocks as they navigate a three leg course and the finale scramble. Participation is free and instructions on the TSD rally format will be given before 1:00pm start time. If you joined us on this ride in the past then you know what a blast it is. If you haven’t then come on out!
DATE:                       Saturday, June 14th, 2014
STARTING POINT:    Skyline Tavern, 8031 NW Skyline Blvd, Portland, OR 97229
RIDERS MEETING:    12:30pm
STARTING TIME:       1:00pm
AFTER PARTY:           5:00pm (Location to be announced at rally)

Another day at the races

We had a great weekend at the race track this May, and after the first two rounds of the OMRRA season, SFRC members are on top in the points for four different classes.  Check out the media frenzy, too!




450_superbikeWith Jared’s Montesa now fully operational, Andrew contemplating a bike swap, and Travis bringing the KTM Supermoto out, June’s chicane weekend promises to be a good one.  See you there, 21-22 June!

Munns to race Manx GP

SFRC member Jon Munns will be racing the Manx Grand Prix in 2014!  Jon is one of several racers representing the United States in this prestigious race.


We’ll keep you posted on details as they become available.  Jon is hard at work finishing the bike build for the race.  Go! Go! GO!!!!!!


Season Opener! SUNDAY, May 4

Join us for a full day of fantastic twisties! We have an all-new route this year with a few roads that we’re willing to bet most folks have never laid a tire on.
May 4th, that’s a SUNDAY (take note shop folks!)
The ride is free as always, and there’s even a free raffle. Route is around 250ish miles.
Meet at Kenton Station (8303 N. Denver Ave.) at 8:30 a.m.
Depart at 10:00 sharp!